How TicketingHub helped Zip Wire build unique features that are unique to their business process and helps their sales and daily tasks.

Finally, a solution adapted to our needs!

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The Client

Modern ziplining was popularized by wildlife biologists. Scientists were looking for a way to study and explore dense forests without disturbing the ecosystem. In modern times, zip lines are utilized in the tourism industry for eco-touring and urban experiences. Zip Now established itself as the fastest zip line attraction in Europe and their business was growing.

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The Problem

Zip Now was in need of a comprehensive ticket booking software and online reservation system to easily integrate with each zipline experience they sold. The team was working on a limited budget with no ticketing software. Zip Now required a cloud ticketing system tailored to their business requirements and growth targets. TicketingHub stepped in with a ticketing software that made it possible for Zip Now to efficiently sell their tours, present a premium customer checkout experience, and help their business flourish.

The Solution

TicketingHub enabled Zip Now to focus on expanding their business by eliminating the technical burdens of building out a custom online ticketing system unique to their needs.
Custom CSS widget to start selling immediately
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Multi-Currency and currency conversion for international customers
Access to TicketingHub’s API to connect with online travel agencies and trusted ticket resellers
A streamlined, hassle free checkout process to increase conversion
Customisable ticketing widget  to match your brand’s look and feel.
Branded SMS reminders and customer email notifications 
Post show experience emails to promote and sell future tours or request a review.
Quick setup and seamless connection to their payment gateway
User friendly dashboard to navigate their online booking software
The best cloud ticketing system to increase ticket sales
Affordable for all businesses
Our tour booking software offers clients the ability to set up and sell at zero cost to themselves.

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