55 Cities in 5 Years: Why Secret Food Tours Chose TicketingHub As Their Cloud-Based Ticketing System

Secret Food Tours was seeking to disrupt a growing industry. TicketingHub stepped in and met their growth obstacles with innovative solutions and helped elevate the brand to a multi-million-pound business.

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The Client

The rise of global food tourism can largely be attributed to the rejection of the idea that having a great culinary experience means checking off a list of the city’s top 10 restaurants. Instead, it means embracing all activities that use food as a means of connection between people, places and time. Secret Food Tours started in one city fueled with a passion to showcase tantalizing and delectable foods overlooked by tourists and revered by locals. Since its inception, they have amassed over 5,000 5-star reviews and have grown to over 55 cities worldwide.

Oliver Mernick-Levene, Co-Founder & Executive Director at www.secretfoodtours.com says "TicketingHub has been a real partner from day one, always looking for solutions and adapt to our specificities, this has helped us tremendously to make the difference"

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The Problem

Secret food tours founding team needed an all-in-one booking and reservation system really simple to integrate with each tour we sell and that could connect to our payment gateway. Secret food tours as many startup businesses had a tight budget, no ticketing system and needed something custom to their specific food tours organisation requirements. What seemed an impossible challenge to overcome; TicketingHub ticketing software made it possible for them to start selling their incredibly great food tours not in days, but within minutes!

The Solution

TicketingHub suites enabled www.SecretFoodTours.com to focus on their core business and expertiseby taking out of their hand all of the technical burdens of building a custom ticketing system.
Custom CSS widget to start selling immediately
Payment Gateway Icon
Multi-Currency and currency conversion for international customers
Access to TicketingHub’s API to connect with online travel agencies and trusted ticket resellers
A streamlined, hassle free checkout process to increase conversion
Customisable ticketing widget  to match your brand’s look and feel.
Branded SMS reminders and customer email notifications 
Post show experience emails to promote and sell future tours or request a review.
Quick setup and seamless connection to their payment gateway
User friendly dashboard to navigate their online booking software
The best cloud ticketing system to increase ticket sales
Affordable for all businesses
Our tour booking software offers clients the ability to set up and sell at zero cost to themselves.

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